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Arcturus Changelog 4/15/2019

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                                  Chemical re-released under a new name - Arcturus

- After closing the server off to only staff members for a short period and remodeling most of it's content, we have decided that going under the name Chemical-wow would be senseless considering the amount of changes Chemical has underwent in the last month.

- This re-release does not bring a lot of new content, instead, our main focus was remodeling the already existing content which belonged to Chemical, as well as building a foundation to some systems which will be used in the near future.

- These changes include, but are not limited to:
 1. - Restructuring all of the custom entries in the database.
     - Both in order to free up space by deleting unused data and in order to make the database more organized for future releases.
 2. - Visually remodeling as well as adding a theme to all of our custom instances. These themes will serve a great purpose in the upcoming custom lore.
 3. - Re-creating the mall area. A custom server should have a beautiful zone in which the players can relax while waiting on their ques.
 4. - Re-structuring the starting phase of the server by adding introductory quests which explain how some of our "unique" systems function.
 5. - A foundation for our guild leveling system has been implemented and the planned perks per level can be viewed in this image.
 6. - We have removed most upgradeable armor pieces which followed the Eternion upgrade pattern, i.e. @@@Warglaive Of Azzinoth
 7. - We have also removed all of the VIP upgrades and renamed every cash shop armor piece in order to make the VIP set feel unique.
 8. - A foundation for daily login rewards and playtime rewards has also been added. The rewards will be calculated and added before the official release.

Thanks to the implementation of a forum and our new website, future changes will be posted in a format like this, rather than on discord as we did in the past.
Once a post is made, it will be linked both on the website and in the #changelog channel on our discord server.

An ETA on the official release of the server cannot be given at this time, as we are unsure of which path we want to take with the content.
After some further testing and some new side-content implementations, we will await feedback from our beta testers. If they are pleased with our new releases and the steps we took to make content more intriguing and unique, we will write out the release dates of our planned releases and hopefully give an ETA on the official release.

Once again, everyone is free to register an account and connect to our server, but please expect spontanious content changes and game-breaking bugs.
You can read a tutorial on how to connect here.

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